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Top Thunderkick Casinos in the UK

These qualities are not just relating to the look and style of the game, but also to the actual gameplay and bonuses that are provided. With everything designed in-house, this new gaming platform is able to offer nothing but the very best quality to both clients and players alike. Moving ever-forward, they continue to make dramatic inroads into offering something different to gamers. Their vision to offer something completely new to their players and offer innovative games has seen them rise to popularity very quickly.


Thunderkick was created in 2012 making it a relative newcomer to the online gaming world. Specifically based out of Stockholm, the company has created a wide range of different games and also a Remote Gaming Server. To add to their already extensive accolades, Thunderkick is also a very secure gaming platform. Their games are licensed with both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission so that players know that the games are operating fairly. There is no bias when it comes to playing these Thunderkick slot games.

Their slot games, not only come with a wide range of themes but also have a general level of medium variance to them. This means that players can expect some relatively regular payouts all wrapped up with some decent-sized wins. This enables players of all budgets and plays styles to actually sit down to enjoy these games. Changing the way the industry works is their goal and their combination of both fun games and exciting, yet stylish, game-play is the way they have been converting both players and new casinos to their side.


Thunderkick may not have an extensive online gaming collection, but these games are of extremely high quality. This means that casinos know that they are getting a total gem when they offer up one of the Thunderkick games. In fact, these games are so exciting across the gaming platform that casinos and players wait in avid anticipation for the new Thunderkick games to drop. It’s easy then to see why casinos would want this big draw as a new Thunderkick release does see an increase in players visiting their site.

Each of the Thunderkick games is also unique. This means that casinos are able to offer a fun range of extra gaming options to their players. Making their collection exciting is the way forward if they wish to retain players. Thunderkick themselves have an aggressive growth strategy, and casinos that utilise their games can only benefit from this. Players always need something new to keep them entertained in this era of the short attention span, so what better way than by constantly updating a game collection with these highly sought-after slot games.


As we have mentioned, Thunderkick is still a relatively small provider. This does mean that their game selection isn’t exactly huge. Especially as they carefully craft each game to be as unique and interesting as possible. There are currently only thirty-one different Thunderkick games advertised for playing. At this time, all the games on offer are just a variety of slot games so that players who want to try a Thunderkick offering do know the type of game they are getting themselves into and can choose accordingly.

Most of the casinos that offer Thunderkick games also give players the opportunity to try these slots out completely for free. This helps players test out the games and see if the gameplay and bonuses are what they are looking for. For those who want to launch their gaming career straight off with real money, or who have already tested out the game, it’s all possible as all Thunderkick games offer a variety of betting ranges and options to cater to everyone, no matter what their budget.



These Thunderkick games can be played on almost every platform you can think of. These games were originally developed for the desktop platform and can, therefore, be played on any desktop operating system. The games also work across a variety of browsers including Firefox and Chrome so players won’t have an issue with accessing the games and the casinos through their laptops or computers. With the fast-paced world of today, online casinos would be left behind if they don’t offer mobile optimised versions of their games.

Thunderkick uses HTML5 software when creating its games so that the games are fully optimised across a range of mobile devices. This means that players can access the games via both iOS or Android devices. Additionally, these games are completely scalable so that no matter what size device is being used, players will able to enjoy the game to its full potential. Be it a mobile phone or a larger tablet, the functions of the games will all work perfectly, fitting to the screen with ease and providing a top-quality experience.


Thunderkick is all about the players and their gaming experience. They offer a top-level gaming platform through the utilisation of the features we have already mentioned. Thunderkick aims to give the players fun-filled game experience, and they do this through their intense development process, which is completely done in order to give players nothing but the best. As we have touched upon, all of their games are unique and offer fun themes designed to keep the players interested in what the game is all about.

Thunderkick games are still not completely available to players everywhere as not all casinos carry them. However, this does make their games rather more desirable and highly sought after ensuring that players actively search out these games. Added to this, the games offer exciting bonus features and mini-games within each of the slots which can enable players to win some pretty impressive sums of money. Players simply want to win and do it in a fun way. And Thunderkick provides this in spades!


Bonuses are all the rage when it comes to enticing new players to a casino. As Thunderkick games are highly anticipated, casinos can be assured of players turning up to play. Often these casinos will take advantage of this by offering newly arrived players bonus spins to play the specific slot game as well. This gives players the chance to test the game for free whilst also bringing in players to the game and promoting it – a total win-win. bonus spins offers vary between casinos so players should make sure to check all options.


If it wasn’t clear enough yet, Thunderkick games are games that any player should be aware of. These games offer players the chance for some high-level fun all wrapped in a delightful combination of top quality graphics and excellent in-game features. In addition, the games are all available across a range of devices so players can access them no matter where they are. The medium variance of the slots is also a major selling point as players can be assured of getting some winnings.