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Tanvi Clarke

Tanvi is the writer, reviewer and casino expert at SuperLenny India. She knows exactly what online players in India want to read. Read more to know more about Tanvi.

About Tanvi

Tanve ClarkeTanvi has been a writer, reviewer and a casino expert at SuperLenny India for over a year. She studied in graduated from IGNOU The People’s University in Delhi with a M.A. in English.

Her education helped with her becoming a strong freelancer in the gaming industry. In fact, she has been a freelance writer in the gaming industry for over 5 years. This has given has a solid knowledge in various sections in relation to gambling at an online casino and casino reviews. Creative writing has always been a passion of Tanvi’s. Thanks to her vast experience in the gambling industry, Tanvi knows exactly what Indian players look for with regards to online casinos and sports betting. She makes sure to give Indian players exactly what they want to read and makes sure to keep SuperLenny India updated with the latest trends with regards to betting and slot games. Indian players that visit SuperLenny are given an honest opinion of all the different casino experience each and every casino in the industry gives through the casino reviews written by her. Tanvi also writes slot reviews and gives the player a perspective of the game and what to expect. She gives the player all the information there is to know about the game and more.

Tanvi as an online casino specialist

Tanvi is particularly passionate about reviewing sports betting and reviewing online casinos in the gambling industry. She is very detailed with regards to the interests of SuperLenny readers and therefore makes sure that SuperLenny India is always updated with regards to the latest online casino reviews and sports betting reviews.

If you would like to get in touch with Tanvi contact her at:

[email protected]

Email reply time: Up to 48 hours.