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Free Spins at Indian Online Casinos

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There are numerous online casinos in India that offer free spins. These let you to spin the slot machine and win real cash without betting your real money. Free spins are available as a part of welcome bonus or promotional offer.

In the past few years, the online gambling industry has emerged as a booming global market. It is gradually making its way into India. In response, many Indian players have shown interest in online betting and that is why online casinos are gaining popularity in the country. However, the online betting industry is yet at the development stage here. So to attract more and more players, a large number of casinos are offering bonuses in the form of Free Spins.

The free spin is a kind of casino bonuses given out as a part of promotional activities. You can experience the online casino’s interface and play for free with free spins. Since the inception of casinos worldwide, free spin has been the main attraction point of the casinos, both offline and online.

Example of Free Spins in Online Slots for Indian Players

Example of Free Spins in an online slot game

What are Free Spins?

As the name suggests, free spins refer to spins on which you won’t have to bet your real money. The free spins are provided either as a welcome bonus or are given as a reward. In some slot games, these are offered when a player crosses a certain number of threshold spins. These can even be offered on achieving certain milestones like getting some unusual combination on the slot machine screen.

Some online casinos offer free spins as floating rewards on the screen. It is done to engage the players and to keep up the excitement. However, there’s a catch in the case of free spins. It is that these come with specific wagering requirements. Hence, you can claim the winnings only after fulfilling the wagering requirements.

When do you win Free Spins in Online Casinos in India?

Free Spins always act as an effective crowd puller for any online casino in India. Listed here are significant events where you can stand your chance to win free spins:

1.      As a part of the welcome bonus

When you register for an online casino in India, you may find free spins as a part of the welcome bonus. Some online casinos ask for an initial deposit, for which they compensate by providing free spins. So, to initiate a relationship on a happy note, you will find a free spin as an outcome of completing the registration process.

2.      Promotional Offers

Online casinos in India run promotional offers from time to time. In such events, you can get free spins on selected games and selected days. Some casinos give one daily spin free while some would give weekly/monthly/seasonal free spin.

3.      After achieving a milestone

Even while playing on a slot machine, you may get floating free spins offers on the screen. Or these may be your reward for reaching a certain level where the bet payout is doubled or tripled too, as per the slot machine’s rule.

Pros & Cons of Free Spins

Free spins are a win-win for both gamblers as well as online casinos. These allow gamblers to experience casino without staking their real money. On the other hand, it helps online casinos to attract more and more users. Apart from these, there are many advantages and disadvantages of free spins. Let’s have a look at them:


  • Free spins that are offered after the first deposit allow users to enjoy a high return on investment.
  • The free spins allow new users to experience online gambling without actually staking the real money.
  • These are almost risk-free- either you win or you get nothing.


  • These may be bound with some restrictions like wagering requirements
  • These may be available only on selected games and these tempt the users to achieve a milestone in order to win them.

How to use Free Spins to maximize gains in a casino

Free spins come with specific wagering requirements, as mentioned in the above section. So, to maximize gains in a casino, you must select those free spin offers that do not ask you to wager a significant amount. So, the very first thing to consider is the wagering amount.

Other important tips to follow are:

  1. Choose free spins offers after reading about the ‘house advantage’ of the online casino. It refers to the value the casino company makes from the players. The chances of winning are meek when the house advantage is on the high side. So, look for casinos with low house advantage.
  2. Also, keep a check on the fair gambling policies of the online casino. It should be licensed by appropriate gambling authorities and it should be regulated as per the gambling rules. The slot machines that are regularly checked for fairness offer better chances to maximize the wins through free spins.
  3. Try to play on those slot machine games that are on the last pages or at the bottom of the pages. These are less popularized by the bookies because the chances of winning in them are higher. Hence, you should look out for them.
  4. Claim free spins of those slot machines that complement your playing style. Even if you do not win, you will have at least memories to make and well-spend time.
  5. Try to play on high denomination slots. Though these slots’ chances to be available for free are a little less; still, the high denomination slots have high paybacks!