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What is Microgaming Slots?

While talking about Microgaming slots, it would be appropriate to clarify the two-pronged approach we will be taking in this post. While largely we will be talking about the company ‘Microgaming’ that specializes in slot games we will also be looking at the term from a more literal perspective, wherein “microgames”, viz. smaller games with minor stakes are fast catching on.

Microgaming has been around in the online gaming and casino space for a while now; in fact, it would be safe to say that it is one of the oldest players in this realm, being around since 1994.

To date, it has come out with as many as 850 different online gaming and casino products. While slots have dominated this product line – hence our focus on Microgaming ‘slots’ in particular, the company does have other offerings in its line-up that include:

It is this veritable product line-up that has given Microgaming a prolific advantage over a lot of other players in the fray.

The Indian Context

In the Indian context, it would only be apt to first look at the offline or “real world” casino scenario in the country.

Quite honestly, it is really not that bright, with tight regulations and extremely limited operations in just a few states such as Goa and Sikkim. Major cities like Mumbai or New Delhi with ample money in circulation just don’t have any legally permitted physical casino setups.

It is this scenario that has prompted the establishment of virtual or online casinos. Both local, as well as global players like Microgaming, have happily jumped onto the bandwagon to ensure that Indian customers are literally spoiled for choice, with a huge variety of online casinos – and casino games to choose from.

Smaller Stakes

A major reason for which Microgaming slots are so popular – both in India and right around the world is due to the smaller stakes which are involved. Otherwise, with a lot of other casino games, the stakes do tend to be high. Given the risks involved, many enthusiasts simply choose to stay away instead of wagering – and possibly losing out on high stakes!

Ease of Playing

Another prominent reason for which Microgaming slots are so popular is their simplicity with little to no skill that is involved as such!

Once you understand the basic rules of each slot game, you are really good to go, with luck playing the biggest role by far.

Casinos prefer slots too!

Whether it is online or offline casinos, they too prefer slots. Right around the world, it is slot machines that bring in customers by the droves. Among many reasons, ease of playing as mentioned above does play an important role.

Moreover, the multiplicity of such slots, along with the fact that casinos have maximum control over them (given the absence of any player skill which is involved), are all key factors encouraging casinos to increasingly have slots in place.

Final Words

Microgaming slots are here to stay and only likely to rise going forward. Even if we take the other connotation of “microgames”, many online casino customers prefer them so that they can appropriately “wet their feet” as they first start, before diving deep into higher stake alternatives.

We have suitably highlighted the reasons for that above.

Tanve Clarke
Tanvi Clarke

Casino Specialist

Tanvi has been a writer, reviewer and a casino expert at SuperLenny India for over a year. She studied in graduated from IGNOU The People’s University in Delhi with a M.A. in English.